Volunteer testimonials

We appreciate the dedication of our volunteer tutors.

The success of our program depends on our volunteers and the time they make available to help people to learn English.  Without them our organisation would have little to offer.

Tutor success

Here’s what some of our volunteers have said about their experiences.

‘Most weeks we read a Behind the News article, a Manly Daily article or something I have found relevant to her interests – birds, animals etc.  From this we work  on comprehension and pronunciation.  M has difficulty with the ‘er’ sound, for example ‘worship’, ‘word’. Use of articles is still a problem in spoken English but improves with concentration. She is keen to work on phrasal verbs.” JD

“N has difficulty understanding letter names versus sounds. He does know the alphabet. He has minimal vocabulary and almost no sentence structure. So, vocab building, general conversation and word attack skills will be the focus. He is building up a dictionary based on familiar words”. GH

“I encouraged my student to write using a family photo. She talked about who was included and then wrote a sentence about each person. As I questioned her, she added more information. We identified conjunctions and ‘wh’ words for adding detail to her writing. She has committed to writing summaries of the articles we read together”. BH