Become a volunteer tutor

Be one of the 21 per cent of the Northern Beaches population who volunteer.

Contact Literacy Network to book in for a training course. There are two, 8-week (3 hours a week) tutor training sessions a year. A Tutor reference manual is provided which covers a wide variety of methodologies and strategies.

Tutors can express a preference for working with a native-speaker, a new arrival or an intermediate or advanced non-English speaking background learner. Other preferences can be taken into account.

Then, when the tutor and student have been matched, a coordinator conducts the first lesson, suggests lesson materials and assists the tutor to plan a program with the student. The tutor-student pair report back to the coordinator on a monthly basis.  The period of tuition is open-ended. However the tutor is aware that the primary aim is the development of literacy for independence and self-directed learning.

Once a year all tutors are encouraged to attend a training seminar. This is a very popular and useful occasion with a chance to update skills and share ideas.