Learning for Citizenship

From the Himalayas to Manly Vale.

“My country’s history goes back thousands of years, just like Australia’s, and it’s also about a big country with a harsh climate,” he says. “I really enjoyed the history section of the Citizenship test, and I want to know more.”

In his former life Jigme taught Buddhist philosophy and Tibetan language, so he loves being a student for a change. “Homework?  I work long hours as a cleaner, so there’s not much time for that, though Lynsey, my tutor, never stops hoping.” Jigme has studied English whenever he’s had the chance. “Now it’s time to give my reading and grammar a workout,” he says.

JigmeandLinseyLynsey Chandler, from Beacon Hill, has learned a lot while tutoring Jigme. “He asks really penetrating questions. And when he was studying Australian government for the Citizenship Test, I found out a few things I didn’t know – to my embarrassment. I like his sense of humour, and the stories he tells. Maybe he’ll write a book one day.”

Jigme enjoys the Northern Beaches lifestyle, including swimming, the beach, BBQs and making videos with his friends. Does he miss the huge grass plains, snow-covered mountains and crystal rivers of Tibet? “Sometimes,” he laughs.

“And sometimes I dream about my old horse and feel sad. But Sydney is my home now. My karma brought me here, and there’s no going back.”

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