Who can learn with us?

Literacy has been described as the ability to read for knowledge, and write coherently and critically about the written word.

It is that and a lot more, with many definitions of what is literacy and its importance in people’s lives.

Our students are adults who have difficulty with literacy skills in English reading and writing. We assess their English skills and help them identify their needs and goals.   We match individuals with one person to provide one-to-one lessons to assist in their learning, then we plan a teaching program for each individual.

Who can learn with us

You can learn if you are an adult living on the Northern Beaches of Sydney.

You may be a native-speaker born in Australia who left school early, or a permanent resident whose first language is not English, or a new arrival waiting for a refugee visa.

If you think you may be eligible, Contact Us. Our coordinators interview people who want help with reading, speaking and writing.  They make an assessment about eligibility based on your needs and individual circumstances.

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Our programs suit many adult learners

Our lessons are free, with your own teacher and can be held in your home, at the library, or at our premises. All tutors are volunteers who will work with students individually, at times convenient to them.

There is no charge for the lessons at Literacy Network.  All tutors are volunteers who will work with students individually, at times convenient to them.

Our Teaching Program

At Literacy Network, our one-to-one literacy program focuses on the written word. We select resources for reading and writing after assessing a student’s level of understanding.

We have a library of resources suitable for basic, intermediate and advanced levels. There is also access to many online teaching materials.

The coordinator suggests a teaching program and tutors and students work together to determine goals and activities. Each student is first and foremost an individual with tuition organised around the student’s reasons for wanting to learn.

Read what our students say.