Listening, reading and writing – with movies…

 As well as Lessons on Holidays, (all of which can be accessed from the LN Homepage: ‘Volunteer Tutors’ – ‘Tutor Resources’ – Breaking News English – ESL Holiday lessons in the far right column), Lessons on Movies can be a helpful resource. If your student likes movies, what better way to bond with him/her over a movie like Skyfall, for instance? (Apologies for the bad pun.)

Lessons on Movies are in the same column as ESL Holiday Lessons. There’s a good range of movie options, from classic to current,  but the reading level of difficulty isn’t specified with each title so the only way to find which movie lessons are easy and which ones are hard is to click on one and read the transcript. Skyfall is in the more difficult range. There’s a 14 page PDF file available to download and print out, with a reading passage, synonym and phrase match, gap fills, exercises on spelling and punctuation as well as guided writing exercises. There’s also a trailer of the movie if you have use of a computer/ iPad during your session.

Once you’ve clicked on the movie title, you’re on its ‘lesson homepage’. By scrolling down that homepage, you can see everything available in the lesson. If you decide to use it, click on the PDF icon to print whichever pages you want to use in your session. But there’s more than just the PDF file and its transcript on the ‘lesson homepage’: in the case of Skyfall, the options under Games (second column ) are also useful, particularly the Flash Cards, which involve the more difficult words in the reading passage. You will, however, need a computer/iPad to use the Games options in your session.