Introducing another resource: English Language Partners New Zealand

Introducing a new resource: English Language Partners New Zealand

This organisation is the equivalent of the adult migrant home tutor program in Australia and its website is worth exploring. To do so, click here.


You’ll see a red ribbon tab running across the homepage below the organisation’s logo. Click on the first heading, LEARN ENGLISH and scroll down the drop down tab to the second last heading, WEBSITES FOR LEARNERS. I had trouble accessing quite a few of the sites listed – ‘page not found’/ ‘page redirect/reload’ responses – but found the ESL News New Zealand site both accessible and potentially very useful. It has some interesting articles (basic to intermediate levels of difficulty) plus podcasts, on a variety of topics. The most recent articles are listed on the right hand side of the page, as well as categories to explore with one easy click.


The second heading on the homepage tab, TEACH ENGLISH, has a list of TUTOR RESOURCES on its drop down menu that are also well worth exploring. You’ll find lots of worksheets on any number of topics, as well as useful pictures and some very practical suggestions.


Many thanks to Fiona Vatiliotis for bringing this website to LN’s attention.