Australian Citizenship


The following link is for those tutors whose student has fulfilled all other requirements to apply for Australian Citizenship and wants to prepare for the Citizenship Test. This link will also be added to Online Resources.


This is the link to the only resources recommended by the Australian Government. The website offers downloadable booklets (English version is 84 pages in length), online tutorials (a Youtube video of the ‘Our Common Bond’ booklet,) and a practice test. The booklets are also available in 37 other community languages. All the romance languages are covered, as well as Arabic (but not Farsi), Khmer and Nepali. You and your student can decide whether studying the material in his/her own language first would be of benefit.


There’s a wealth of information available on all these pages,and tutors may well learn a few new things about their own country! Who knew that the Commonwealth of Australia is made up of six states and TEN territories!!! (Kudos to those who could already name all eight offshore territories!)