April Fools’ Day

March 26, 2014 0 Comments

    April Fools’ Day (sometimes written as April Fool’s Day) is just around the corner and since this day is celebrated in a great many countries around the world, it makes a handy reading, writing and discussion topic. You’ll find the link to an ESL lesson on it under Holiday Lessons (in the right …

Using ‘Literacy Face to Face’

March 9, 2014 0 Comments

Using Literacy Face to Face   Literacy Face to Face is the first online resource listed under ‘Tutor Resources’ (accessed via the drop down tab under ‘Volunteer Tutors’, LN homepage.) After you’ve clicked on the link, scroll down to find the table with titles of the PDFs available for download. While some of these files …

Listening, reading and writing – with movies…

March 6, 2014 0 Comments

 As well as Lessons on Holidays, (all of which can be accessed from the LN Homepage: ‘Volunteer Tutors’ – ‘Tutor Resources’ – Breaking News English – ESL Holiday lessons in the far right column), Lessons on Movies can be a helpful resource. If your student likes movies, what better way to bond with him/her over a movie …

Featuring more reading material for March: International Women’s day

March 2, 2014 0 Comments

 International Women’s Day, (IWD) which began as a campaign for better working conditions for women, was first celebrated on February 28th, 1909, in New York. The official day of celebration was later moved to March 8. The first International Women’s Conference took place in 1910, in Denmark, and since then, IWD has spread all around …

World Read Aloud Day!

March 2, 2014 0 Comments

 World Read Aloud Day was started by the LitWorld.org website in 2010 to encourage the 800 million people worldwide who couldn’t read to appreciate and enjoy the benefits of a book. The celebration of this special day, which falls on the first Wednesday of March each year (March 5th in 2014), has now reached over 65 countries around the …

Introducing Literacy Face to Face, a new resource for volunteer adult literacy tutors

February 8, 2014 0 Comments

    Literacy Face to Face is a resource to assist volunteer adult literacy tutors and others who want to help someone improve their literacy. It can also be used to support the delivery of adult literacy tutor training. You can learn more about the program, as well as download PDFs of the resources available, …

Literacy Network Newsletter, December 2013

December 10, 2013 0 Comments

newsletter for Dec (2)1  This newsletter comes with a big thank you to all our tutors and students for their hard work this year.

Newest tutors

December 10, 2013 0 Comments

Some tutors received their certificates of completion in the office on November 26, 2013. The tutors in the photo are (from left): Bela Takats Vanessa MacArthur Meg Corlette Liz Leighton (educational coordinator) David Hill.

Our End of Year function

November 11, 2013 0 Comments

  End of year function/lunch for Literacy Network   Where: Terrey Hills Tavern   2 Aumuna Road (off Mona Vale Road)   Terrey Hills   When: Friday, 13th December, 2013, at 12.30 pm   All tutors and students are welcome!    

“We navigate the world with words”

November 11, 2013 0 Comments

‘Words are more important than they ever were: we navigate the world with words, and as the world slips onto the web, we need to follow, to communicate and to comprehend what we are reading… …Literacy is more important than ever it was, in this world of text and email, a world of written information. …