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Our Christmas party – Friday, December 12

  Christmas 2014 is approaching fast! To celebrate another year with Literacy Network, please come and join us for a drink and some snacks. When: 4pm-6pm, Friday December 12th Where: Literacy Network Office 18 Wentworth St, Manly Please RSVP by the 5th December to let us know if you are able to join us.  

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November 19, WTD (World Toilet Day)

After the historical gravitas of Armistice Day comes World Toilet Day on November 19. For an easy to read article and exercises on WTD, go to the Breaking News English website and click on Holiday Lessons (right hand column of the home page under ‘Sean’s Other Sites’). To see how the pictured ‘enthroned’ version of Rodin’s ‘The

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Introducing another tutor resource

With thanks to Google search engine and Ron C. Lee PhD for the website, here is a new resource for tutors to explore! All of the content on Dr Lee’s website is free to download and/or print (courtesy of some fairly annoying, pop-up advertising). In the For Beginners section, you’ll find Super Easy Reading passages,

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Halloween is just around the corner…

All Hallows’ Eve, otherwise known as Halloween, is coming up on October 31. Whether people in Australia choose to celebrate it or not, most have at least heard of the day via a series of horror movies! Now widely celebrated  in the USA, the festival originated in the UK – it has both Celtic and

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Introducing another resource: English Language Partners New Zealand

Introducing a new resource: English Language Partners New Zealand This organisation is the equivalent of the adult migrant home tutor program in Australia and its website is worth exploring. To do so, click here.   You’ll see a red ribbon tab running across the homepage below the organisation’s logo. Click on the first heading, LEARN

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An interesting article, ‘Adult literacy and numeracy – what’s the story?’, plus two websites worth a look.

To read ‘Adult literacy and numeracy – what’s the story?’, click here To go to the Reading Writing Hotline and have a look at their recommended resources, click here then click on Resources. To see what other services and resources there may be out there for students and tutors, click here