2019, Thank you to our sponsors

Sponsors for Literacy Network in 2019 include Dee Why RSL Club, Balgowlah RSL Memorial Club and Northern Beaches Council.  We appreciate the continued support from the clubs and ask our students, volunteers and friends to support them and their excellent facilities.  The money we receive enables us to purchase new student and tutor resources, update our computer technology, and defray the cost of renting premises.






2019, our first tutors’ meeting

At our first tutor meeting in Febuary 2019,  ‘Reading To Learn’ was discussed through an AV presentation written for us by Liz Leighton, a past coordinator at Literacy Network.  For the past 4 or so years she has been working at ACU, teaching academic literacy to international students .

‘Reading to learn has been used for over 10 years now and was developed by David Rose, a lecturer at Sydney University. It was initially developed to support indigenous learners in remote areas in a way that fosters a feeling of support and success. It is part of a learning cycle, where learners prepare to read, read in detail with the support of a teacher or tutor, are supported in note-taking and joint writing, which finally leads to the confidence to write independently. Today, we will just look at the reading part of this cycle.’

The presentation is available for download as a pdf – ReadingtoLearnFeb2019


Some ideas and links for Tibetan/English language teaching have also been developed and are available for download – TibetanWebResource


A thank you note from a Tibetan student was presented via the tutor’s mobile phone.  Attached is a transcript together with a small section of his original writing – ThankYouLiteracyNetwork

Would you like to enrol with us?

If you need help with reading or writing in English and are a permanent resident, you can contact us by phone or email to discuss your circumstances. Apart from a small enrolment fee, lessons are free for as long as you need them.


Volunteers Expo – Northern Beaches Council event 23 May

Literacy Network will be participating in this event again in 2018. We will have a stand at Dee Why RSL who are generous donors to our organisation. We will join over 50 organisations who volunteer on the northern beaches to present our programs and provide information to the public.

Vesna, the co-ordinator of the Volunteers Expo, has a professional photographer lined up to take pictures of volunteers and their pets for a booklet to be distributed by the Council.


Why is English so difficult?

Many people learning English have trouble with the nuances of the language. There is one two- letter word that has more meanings than any other and that is ‘UP’. Look the word up in a dictionary and you will find the definition takes up almost a quarter of a page, and can add up to about 30 definitions. It is listed in the dictionary as being used as an adverb, preposition, adjective, noun or verb. There is a book called ‘Up the down staircase’. We open up a shop and close it up at night. We lock up, clean up, fix up and speak up before we shut up.

What do you do after you chop down a tree? You chop it up.

Many Nationalities

Over the years our membership has included people from many different backgrounds and nationalities. In May 2018 we have students who speak English, Persian/Farsi, Tibetan, Turkish/Kurd, Nepalese, Arabic, Iranian, Vietnamese, Chinese, Croatian and Portuguese.

2018 Tutor Training

At the beginning of May 2018 we completed an eight-week training session. We welcomed seven new tutors to the organisation.  Our tutors specialise in teaching adults to read and write on a one-to-one basis. They focus on individual needs and work with the student to plan a relevant and interesting program. Sessions may take place in the student’s home, a library, the Literacy Network office, in a park or a coffee shop.

Mobile phones are great teaching aids!