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  • I had a delightful phone conversation with O’s support person from Immigration/ Centrelink . She called on Friday to say that she had noticed a considerable improvement in O's reading skills; O was able to read a receipt so she decided to test her on some signs as they walked along. To her amazement O was able to read all of them. She was full of praise for the Literacy Network and the concept of matching individuals with one person to assist in their learning and assured me she had never come across such an organisation before. In fact, she couldn't believe what is offered for such a small price.
  • S specifically wanted to concentrate on the driver knowledge test questions in order to get her driver's license. The RTA offers an online site where you can test yourself as often as you like with the questions that will be asked when you sit the theory test. This has proven to be a useful exercise for S; not only for the primary purpose of understanding the road rules and learning to answer the questions correctly, but also as a tool for reading and understanding language she is not so familiar with.
  • (Interview with my student about the impact that the Literacy Network English tutoring sessions have had on her life.) Louise reports that she has increased confidence in the workplace and feels like a valued member of staff.  Her work speed and analysis of projects has increased due to her improved ability to quickly interpret the written requests. She told me that she is now quite confident in her ability to deal with email correspondence.   Louise also told me that the assistance she was given in completing her work appraisal form was the highlight of her English lessons.  Overall she has a high level of satisfaction in her own achievements, performing higher grade duties and the recognition she now receives at work. Louise’s improved English has made social interaction much easier.  Many people have commented on how much her English has improved and this has given her a great sense of satisfaction.  She is very proud of the fact that she now only speaks English at work. Louise now regularly reads newspaper articles and in particular likes to read her  local newspaper and this has allowed her to be more conversant with what is happening in her community. Louise loves to write and she feels that having a tutor to guide her makes her feel that she can take on any writing task.    
  • I am very grateful for the help I received through the Literacy Network. I am not perfect yet however I made a big progress under Kaaren Power's supervision. In the process I gained confidence and some knowledge of this puzzling language. I couldn't have done it without your help. Thank you. From Jolanta
    From Jolanta,
  • Excerpt from a letter to a Literacy Network tutor "…It seems that I found the new job! It’s two days this week and should become full time from Monday. I feel very giddy after the first day on the new job, finishing everything for the Asthma Foundation and the farewell lunch! The new job looks excellent – it’s a small marketing and advertising agency just five minutes from the station. Everyone is nice and friendly. Hope they will be happy with me, too. I should say thank you for all that, I would never have done this without you. There is a really big difference between me five months ago and my current “me”. Not just language – you restored my self-confidence as well.    Once again, thank you very much. I greatly appreciate all you have done for me. " (from Olga) 
    From Olga,
  • My student had good conversation skills but wanted to expand her vocabulary and write in a more sophisticated way. She needed to complete reports for her work and intended to apply for a new job more in line with her employment back home.  She lacked the confidence to make the move. She wanted help with reading job advertisements and understanding what was required. I am able to help her to list the skills she has acquired in her career and to structure her applications.
    Tony, Seaforth
  • We discussed the occasions Jen actually reads and writes in everyday life.  Her reading is mostly school-related, such as school newsletters and her son’s homework, reading recipes her mum has sent her and text messages on her phone.  She writes shopping lists, short emails to friends, fills in school notes and writes simple letters to the school.  I also helped her to compose the sentences she needed to phone the school to make an appointment.  
    Kathy, Frenchs Forest
  • I arrived from Italy in 2011. At school and at work I spoke Georgian but when I arrived in Australia I had no English. I began to learn by listening to the radio and to conversations on public transport. I read anything I can. I enjoy my lessons because I am learning about Australia and learning how to communicate.
    Maria, Manly
  • I rang Joan because I wanted to improve my English. In my country I never learnt English. With my tutor I read picture stories, do puzzles, write questions and answers and we also talk. Now with her help, I have written my first thank you card.
    Marlena, Pittwater
  • Meeting Joan in October 2010 was a life-changing experience. The help I now receive from Literacy Network, through my tutor Chris, has given me more confidence in putting words on paper for the first time as an adult. By working with this system I can keep on improving. For years I have been unable to get a program that works. I have tried plenty but none of them helped me. The difference is that this one works.
    Greg, Dee Why
  • I’ve been a volunteer tutor since I retired. I really enjoyed doing the tutor training course. We discussed real situations that non-native speakers face, and I realised that it is not their fault that they have experienced difficulties. Learning English is the key to settling in and feeling at home in Australia. I feel I can make a difference.
    Karen, Mona Vale
  • My English has improved so much since I have been working with my Tutor. We meet once a week for an hour then I practise what I have learnt. I'm so pleased I can talk to more people.
    Sandra, Narrabeen
  • It is difficult to learn English when I arrive from Europe. I found the Literacy Network and have a wonderful tutor who helps me a lot. Thank you very much.
    Willhelm, Manly Vale